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"The Story of Doll Sale Room"

As a long-time collector, several dolls have served as models for my passion: creating clothes for fashion dolls, especially Fashion Royalty and Barbies. Over time, it's natural to feel the need to refresh our collection by passing on dolls and accessories that no longer hold meaning for us, allowing other collectors to acquire these highly desired pieces. This practice of sharing and exchanging items not only rejuvenates our collections but also keeps the collector community alive, enabling each item to have a new story and be appreciated by different people. That's how Doll Sale Room came to be – a collector-to-collector store focusing on the sales of Fashion Royalty, Integrity Toys, and Barbies from my collection, giving other collectors the opportunity to breathe new life into their own collections.

Fashion Royalty/ Doll Sale Room / Antonio Realli

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