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Shipping Policy

Shipping will only be done after order approval and will be dispatched within 72 hours/3 business days.

The customer will receive a tracking code to monitor the status and delivery of the product after it has been shipped by the logistics/delivery company (Postal Service or courier).

During the purchase, the customer will receive the calculated shipping cost. To do so, the customer needs to select the desired products, click on "buy," enter the postal code, and click on "calculate."

The delivery time varies depending on the region and the chosen shipping method by the customer. If there are any doubts about the delivery time, we kindly ask the customer to contact us through one of our communication channels.

Attention! It is important for the customer to provide all the correct information to avoid delivery issues.


Please note that international shipments may take 20 to 40 business days to arrive, depending on your country. Only payments via PayPal will be accepted for international orders.

Deliveries will be made by the Postal Service or courier, favoring the one with the shortest delivery time for the indicated destination postal code.

There are two shipping methods provided by the Postal Service: PAC or Sedex. The order may be delivered by a courier if it has a shorter estimated delivery time compared to the shipping method chosen by the customer, at no additional cost to the customer.

PAC: PAC is a standard parcel service offered by the Postal Service. It is the economical delivery option with residential delivery on business days.

SEDEX: For customers in urgent need of the product, it is recommended to choose the Sedex shipping method. This service offers residential delivery on business days from Monday to Friday in all cities in Brazil and provides faster delivery with shorter estimated arrival times. However, it generally has a higher cost.

COURIER: The order may be delivered by a courier, at no additional cost to the customer, to ensure that the product arrives within the shortest estimated time and with added security due to high demand at the Postal Service.

Shipping Costs

The shipping cost will be calculated according to the chosen delivery method and will be informed on the order payment page.

Delivery Time:

The delivery time is counted in business days.

The delivery time will be counted after the confirmation of your registration details and payment confirmation.

For payment by bank transfer, the bank may take up to two business days to notify Doll Sale Room due to the bank clearance process.

More Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us through our Customer Relationship Center or via email at

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