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About Me

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Designer and collector Antonio Realli, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, developed an interest in the world of fashion and dolls from childhood.

Surrounded by 12-inch dolls that became his muses, he found inspiration in the great actresses of cinema and the ladies of high society who brought to life wonderful garments created by renowned designers and tailors.

From an early age, he expressed his passion through drawings and soon began creating miniature dresses for his sister to play with and dress her dolls. Driven by his calling and love for collecting, Antonio Realli started creating exclusive pieces for fashion dolls, these little models that traverse grand scenarios and fulfill the imaginative dreams of their collectors.

For him, creating fashion for dolls that give life to these mini models is a source of pleasure and satisfaction. Motivated by this passion, Antonio Realli founded his own doll fashion brand. His aim is to offer a variety of party dresses and casual fashion that cater to all styles.

Furthermore, as an experienced collector, Antonio understands the importance of refreshing a collection over time. He recognizes the need to pass on dolls and accessories that no longer hold meaning for him, allowing other collectors the opportunity to acquire these highly desired pieces. This practice of sharing and exchanging items not only rejuvenates collections but also keeps the collector community alive, enabling each item to have a new story and be appreciated by different people.

By passing on these dolls and accessories, Antonio Realli and other collectors are bringing joy and satisfaction to those who find these items in their own collections, keeping the passion for fashion dolls alive and strengthening the collector community.

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