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I declare that I have read and understood all the conditions and rules regarding the reservation of the doll or item, and I agree to abide by the established terms. I am aware of and accept the following conditions:

1. Reservation amount: I am aware that the reservation must be made with a minimum initial payment of 30% of the total value of the doll or item.

2. Consequences of cancellation: I understand that by reserving the doll or item, it will be removed from display, preventing it from being purchased by another buyer. I am aware that this measure is taken to ensure exclusive availability of the product for me during the reservation period.

If I decide to cancel the purchase, I acknowledge that a penalty of 10% will be applied to the amount already paid. This penalty is justified by the fact that by removing the doll or item from display, the opportunity for sale to another customer is lost, resulting in a loss for the store.

3. Payment deadline: I acknowledge that I have up to 4 months to pay the total value of the doll or item, including the corresponding shipping costs. If I fail to make the full payment within this period, the doll or item will be made available on the website again, and a 10% penalty will be applied to the total amount already paid. However, if I need more time, I am aware that I can extend the deadline for a maximum of 4 more months, with an additional 10% surcharge on the total value of the doll or item.

4. I am aware that I will receive the doll or item only after the complete payment is made. Additionally, I understand that the cost of secure shipping will be added to the total value at the end.

5. I am aware that it is my responsibility to carefully assess my finances before deciding to make the reservation and installment payments outside the website. I understand that additional fees may impact the final cost of the doll or item.

I declare that I am making this decision consciously, understanding all the financial implications and the rules established for the reservation of the doll or item.

6. I am aware that for international reservations, all payments must be made via bank transfer and not through a purchase, until the debt is settled, both for the doll and the shipping costs.

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